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How do I start?

Nothing special is required to place an order at Spotifyplaysfollowers. We send you a confirmation after the payment process succeeds. Our partner organization will complete your order in a wink of an eye. The order cannot be canceled, so, please, be careful when you place it.

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We start to work on your order immediately after payment. You will see that the number of your streams has increased after Spotify updates the statistics around 3 pm EST. It might take up to 4 days to get significant growth for recently uploaded tracks. After that, your audio content will get a better ranking in searches and will appear more in generated playlists. The number of your Monthly Listeners will increase as well as your popularity.

Can I earn from Spotify royalties?

Spotify will generate royalties for streams you got from us. To calculate your possible income we advise you to read the information on the official website.

Getting Spotify URL for the track

Open Spotify and pick the track you are going to promote
Click on the 3 dots button on the right
Choose Share -- Copy Song Link

Now URL to your song has been successfully copied.
Get Spotify Track Link

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